Investment Overview


Variscan maintains a large investment portfolio in a number of mineral exploration companies. It has shareholdings in three listed resource companies, Eastern Iron Limited, Silver City Minerals Limited, and Thomson Resources Ltd.

These investments originated from Variscan project generation activities, where Variscan tenements were vended into companies for equity, with subsequent increases in shareholdings through Variscan participation in later fund raisings.



Eastern Iron Limited

  • High grade Nowa Nowa iron project in Victoria completed DFS
  • Iron project has a low projected cash cost and modest capex
  • Nowa Nowa copper project
  • Variscan holds 18.5% of Eastern Iron



Thomson Resources Ltd

  • Early mover in a major new mineral exploration frontier
  • Dominant ground position in the Thomson Fold Belt with multiple drill ready targets
  • Advanced high grade tin properties near Ardlethan, NSW
  • Variscan currently holds 19.0% of Thomson Resources


Silver City Minerals Limited

  • Major ground position in Broken Hill Region, NSW
  • Multiple Broken Hill type lead/zinc/silver targets
  • Variscan currently holds 4.29% of Silver City Minerals