The Tennie PER covers a geological domain with a demonstrated mineral endowment for large base and precious metal deposits, similar to those mined in other parts of the world including within the Iberian Pyrite Belt of Spain and Portugal.

The centre of the Tennie PER is located 30 kilometres northwest of the regional city of Le Mans, and covers an area of 205 square kilometresover the eastern section of a Palaeozoic (Brioverian) deep-water sedimentary package. Contained within the sedimentary sequence (but outside the PER) is the Rouez copper-gold and lead-zinc-silver deposit.

Rouez is one of Europe’s largest base metal deposits. It was formerly mined as two shallow open cuts for supergene gold from 1988 to 1992 and consists of several steeply north-dipping copper-gold and lead-zinc-silver bearing zones defined to a depth of around 500 metres. Rouez was obtained by Total, the French energy company when it merged with Elf Aquitaine in 2000.

Rouez is considered to be possibly either VMS type (volcanogenic massive sulphide) or a hybrid SEDEX type (sedimentary exhalative). Like deposits within these major mineralised systems, Rouez is believed to have been formed via the discharge of metal-bearing brines at or close to the ancient sea floor boundary and may form one of a cluster of deposits within this fertile region.

Variscan has completed a first pass programme of shallow auger soil geochemical survey on a 200x200 metre grid over accessible areas of fertile Brioverian rocks within the PER. Although results are still being compiled, two areas of subtle lead/zinc anomalism have been defined towards the northeast and southwest boundaries of the PER. Both anomalies appear developed close to the boundary of the Brioverian sedimentary sequence and may either be associated with VMS/SEDEX deposits or vein style, hydrothermally emplaced sulphide mineralisation common in other parts of Brittany. Follow-up work to ascertain the mineralisation style and significance of the base metal anomalism is planned.  


Tennie geology and completed geochemistry

Tennie geology and completed geochemistry