Exploration Overview

Variscan's primary targets are base metal (copper, lead, zinc and nickel), precious metal (gold and silver), tin and tungsten deposits. Since 1987 Variscan (formerly PlatSearch) has explored or successfully joint ventured numerous exploration properties in the search for economic mineral deposits.

In mid-2010 Variscan expanded its project search to include advanced and brown-field opportunities to meet its business objective of becoming a producer. The Company identified a range of opportunities within Europe and progressed substantial evaluation and acquisition work. Variscan incorporated a wholly owned European subsidiary, Variscan Mines SAS, established and equipped an office in Orleans, France, and employed a team of experienced French geologists to assist in the work.

It is one of the most active resource companies in the region and has assembled what it believes to be one of the most comprehensive geological / metallogenic databases available over western Europe.

In June 2013 Variscan Mines was granted its first exploration licence within Brittany, France. The granting of the Tennie licence (Permis Exclusif de Recherche or PER) was the culmination of three years of patient work by the Company following the identification of high quality projects within Europe. The Tennie PER was the first new mineral exploration licence granted in France for more than two decades, reflecting the clear capacity of Variscan to work within the French Mining Code and the good support that has it received from the community, and local, Prefect and Federal authorities.

Six further PERs have since been granted, each with good potential for short term resource generation and/or major new discoveries. The Company has deliberately targeted more advanced project areas containing previously defined mineralised zones or evidence of substantial old mine workings to help fast track the discovery of economic deposits.


Exploration Overview table